Introducing…Fresha strawberry gin
18th luty 2018
Introducing…Fresha strawberry gin
18th luty 2018



24th Oct 17

Our senior therapist Jaz is back with another treatment of the month:

“Summer has well and truly gone and autumn is here; the sandals have been packed away, the knitwear brushed off and it’s time to start lighting the log fires. With the changes that autumn brings from cooler, less humid weather, sinking into hot bubbly baths to hanging out in warm environments can deprive your complexion of moisture and wreak havoc on your skin.

My chosen October treatment of the month is a Temple Spa favourite of mine, ‘totally quenched and drenched’ – It’s the ultimate in anti-ageing! This lavish facial is a must for dehydrated or damaged skin and is designed to leave it looking radiant & fresh. It combines a mix of powerful antioxidants to help fight the ageing process and loss of elasticity in the skin, this divine treatment includes a cryogenic mask which gives a cooling effect and aids the infusion of the goodness of the mask.

The products I will use in this luxurious facial includes:

In The Beginning: A beautiful cleanser that will leave your skin feeling dewy and glowing with health and vitality. It is a concentrated balm with a buttery texture that melts as it’s massaged into your skin. It’s filled with Mediterranean ingredients for a nutritious, intense cleanse.

Quench: A luxurious mask that leaves skin plump, soft and glowing with youthful radiance.

Double Cream: Rich, creamy and deeply moisturising, double cream is the perfect way to end this facial. It sinks deeply into your skin leaving it rehydrated. The formula is rich in anti-ageing vitamins and fatty acids to plump, firm and revitalise dull or tired skin as well as protect it from damaging environmental factors.

Once we’ve finished this superb 70 minute facial, take your time to just be in one of our relaxation rooms with views of beautiful grounds and the neighbouring deer park.”